Communication and interaction in mother tongue, Finnish as a second language 4 cp Tiia Kaakkurivaara

Communication and interaction in the second national language, Swedish, 1 cp Saija Tamminen-Parre (starts earliest on the 2nd period)

 Art and creative expression 1 cp, Taina Kilpelä

Operating in digital environment 2 cpSonja Kärkkäinen

Mathematics and application of mathematics 4 cp, Marika Östman 

Physical and chemical phenomena and their application (chemistry) 1 cp, Terhi Kokkonen

Physical and chemical phenomena and their application (physics) 1 cp, Jaakko Mali (starts earliest 2021 on the 2nd period)

Operating as a member of society and a citizen 2cp, Aleksi Vihunen

Operating in the world of work 2 cp, Aleksi Vihunen 

Promotion of Sustainable Developmet 1 cp Iiris Lukkarinen from 2021

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity 1 cpJuha Vettenniemi

Maintaining work capacity and well-being 2 cp, Ville Vitikka

This course is the English version of the compulsory course on Promotion of sustainable development. The course is part of the Citizenship and working life competence section and will cover 1 competence point.

  • Opettaja: Meri-Tuulia Hurri