Moodlessa tiedote 27.11.2024

Moodlessa tiedote 27.11.2024

by Pete Stockley -
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Dear Omnian Moodle-user,

Text editor change

The Moodle hosting service has announced that in early 2024 the Atto text editor will be removed from Moodle, as the Atto text editor author has officially discontinued support and development of the Atto text editor.

On 11.12.2023, the Atto text editor will be replaced by the TinyMCE text editor as the default text editor. No action is required to change the default text editor.

Atto-text editor:


TinyMCE-text editor:

Muokkaa   Näytä   B   Lisää Muotoilu   Työka lut   9   Taulukko   Ohje

If you want to change the text editor you are using in advance, you can do so in the text editor setting of your profile.

The development team's notes on the TinyMCE text editor:

  • The preview function of the message (from the eye icon or the View menu) allows you to check the content before publishing.
    Components 4 Learning (from the lego icon or the Add menu) allows you to highlight parts of the text. C4L uses can include:
  • Tip
    • Tip, eli vinkk[
    • Reminder
    • Reminder, eli muistutus_
    • Attention
    • Attention, eli huomic
    • Do/Don't Do
    • Do, eli tee.   Don't eli älä tee.


Contents of the Managing Tools block

In a communication on 22 September 2023, staff were asked to vote on what they would like to see included in a site-wide, workspace-based Administrative Tools block.

There were five voters, and based on their votes, this is what the Administrative Tools section will look like:

Hallintatyökalut   Muokkaustila päälle   Vaihda rooliin Opiskelija   (Student)   Tarkista kurssiavain   Kurssin suoritusasetukset   Siirrä kurssi roskakoriin   Tötilan ryhmät   Moodle ohjeet I guides